The legacy of The Christian Metal & Heavy Metal bands

Jesus, heavenly or White Metal, especially known as the Christian Metal bands and that’s a new way of preaching Christianity through their lyrics and musical tunes. That particular genre or eventually Christian Heavy Metal bands

belongs to a particular genre who wants to inspire the Heavy Metal freak generation with the help of the doctrine of Jesus or Christianity as well!! Especially the bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Iron Maiden as well!!  WOOOOW

The origin of Christian Metal and Christian Heavy Metal bands:

It is the sub-genre of the mighty Heavy Metal who supports their religious identity through their Christian faith and positive lyrical contents!!

Because of Heavy Metal’s screaming vocals, destructive guitar solos, loud sounds, stubborn attitude, influence on riots, scary images,

when many musical critics considered it as the genre of Satanic music who more or less criticized Christianity and their Churches,

that was the time when Christian Heavy metal bands scenario woke up to spread their peaceful positive messages of our Lord Jesus!!

Establishing themselves since the late 60’z found their huge acceptance among the Metal fans even in their underground Metal scenario from the mid 80’z.

Even that particular genre does have some Platinum albums and record of topping musical charts like Billboard 200!! WOW

It’s a dependable style of Metal Music, these bands are driven by a particular ideology, a tradition of Judeo Christianity’s with the use of excellent Metaphors!!

Based on the constant tension between Satanist and Christianity!! It’s a message towards both Christians and Non- Christians as well.

Because they don’t believe, only the good music will be credited by the Satanists!! It’s a war against underworld demons!!  WOW…

Now let’s take a close look to the list of best Christian heavy metal bands great Christian rock bands with metal core Christian metal bands of top 10 Christian metal bands, death Christian metal bands with new Christian metal bands like Christian metal bands of 2017-2018, Christian screamo bands etc…

Popular Christian Metal bands:

  1. Stryper
  2. Trouble
  3. Underoath
  4. Evangelization
  5. Jerusalem
  6. Barnabas
  7. Daniel Band
  8. Believer
  9. Live to Die
  10. Leviticus
  11. Snakes in the playground
  12. Leviticus
  13. Deliverance

Popular Christian Heavy Metal artists:

  1. Mortification
  2. As I lay dying
  3. Demon Hunter
  4. Norma Jean
  5. To Hell with the Devil
  6. Bloodgood
  7. Barren Cross
  8. White Cross
  9. X-Sinner
  10. Living Sacrifice
  11. Burial
  12. Mayhem
  13. Vengeance Rising
  14. Tourniquet

Criticizations Hampered Their Popularity:

Modernist, Non-Christian fundamentalist Metal fans criticized them like hell for pointing out a sensitive issue like religion so badly and considered others as Satanists!!

But eventually many Record Label, Church and Christian organization had their supportive role for the Christian Heavy Metal bands.

So many musical critics gave their negative review about these bands: their faith towards religion and overemphasize the glory of Christian authority is directly nonfactual with the ethics of Heavy Metal!!

So, this can’t be considered as a true Metal genre where Heavy Metal means Fuck Authority and total rejection of spiritualisms!!  YEAH…

And that helped them to sold Millions of their album copies, the rise of Christian Metal festival, Radio station and even grabbed they well deserved Grammy!!

The rise of Unblack Metal/Christian Black Metal:

From the very beginning of the 90’z that mind-blowing genre started to play extreme metal and that converted to them from the Christian Heavy Metal bands to the Thrash and Black Metal!! DAMN… Horde is considered as the very first Unblack Metal on earth, and definitely the Death Metal band as well.

That one-man band invented the term Holy Unblack or Helling Usvart. which is later on widely used by their fans.

 They lost themselves in front of the new wave of Music from the Secular bands!!

But in the 21st c century, they tried to rebuild and regain their popularities what created hundreds of other Christian Heavy Metal band again by Hitting on the Billboard top chart again!!

And that made them, dump over Secular Heavy Metal bands once again with huge success as some Death Metal groups!!

And nowadays the Internet is playing its role to flourish that particularly cool genre on every corner of the world.

What in this modern world demolishing the lack of proper Radio station support for these bands!! DAMN…

These Metalheads believe in religious philosophies under the banner of Black Metal and fight against the Satanism and try to promote Christianity through their creative abilities.

While Black Metal himself consists the elements of anti-Christianity this is what becomes kind of controversial as well. Because they believe in a whole different idea, rather than Misanthropically or Individualisms!

Power & Progressive Metal:

That genre deals with the more progressive version of the uplifted sound-engineerings. Anthem and fantasized lyrical topics made that particular genre a modern one!

It’s powerful chorus and strong instrumental progressions makes that genre more familiar and well accepted around the world and among its powerful fan-base!

Basically, derived as the sub-genre of Heavy Metal, it’s more fast and energetic way of spreading the messages of the music through its harmony!

Later on, gradually then they switched themselves on Power & Progressive Metal. Bands like Seventh Avenue, Scared Warrior, Namia, Harmony, Mirror of Souls, Tales of Tales

Led their way of power and Progressive Metal of them.  They were small in numbers but surely, they made an impact on the heart of their fans.

Nu- Metal/Alternative Metal:

It’s the sub-genre of Alternative Metal industry, started to play it’s role from the early millennium basically based on the essence of Hip-Hop, Rap, Alternative Rock, Funk, Grunge, Industrial etc.

Mostly based on the Riffs that particular genre is not consisted with any super guitar soloz rather than punk beats!Bands like Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock are the prove of it….

P.O.D as a band generally invented their genre or Christian Nu-Metal and Alternative Metal scenario where Disciple, AZao, Piller, Norma Jean, Underoath, Circle of Dust also played a valuable role.

On the other hand, Argyle Park played its own unique role as the Christian industrial Metal scenario.

Christian Metal VS Mainstream Metal:

Christian Heavy Metal bands tried their best to defeat the mainstream Secular Metal bands like Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Megadeth, Slayer etc. But to be honest we don’t think that mission became successful!!

Globalization or Polarizations?

According to some sources, Christian Heavy Metal bands emerged in a low scale of popularity within various obstacles on basically some Scandinavians country like Finland, Netherland, Norway, Sweden. Or in Latin American Mexico, US, Brazil,

Some parts of Europe like Germany who considered to be just a thousand fans for the bands when Heavy Metal considered to have Millions of fans which is constantly upgrading around every corner of the world.

Majority of Christian Metal band fans listens to the Non-Christian bands who even fans of the ethics of the Heavy Metal community and use Devil’s horn and true Heavy Metal gesture on their concerts as well.

So, there’s a blending among the fans which indicated the Polarization and, lack of true inspirations and exist of confusions among their fans. They considered it as the most isolated sub-genre of Heavy Metal as well!! LOLZ

There is a big distance between the Secular and Christian Metal are really noticeable. And they are not having their own industry which indicates their identity crisis as well where Heavy Metal is free for everyone to enjoy!! YEAH

The New Wave:

At the very beginning of that genre, they followed Protestantism’s, but this time things are started to change. This is the time in the scenario of Christian Nu-Metal or Alternative Metal bands started with the mixture a blending of Secularism and Christianity as well!!

Their brand-new identity of Alternative Christian bands became more effective and started to flourish among the Non-Christian listeners as well. And this is what makes them less boring as well!!

This time they speeded the messages of Feminisms, abortion, Gay rights, Pornography without blindly following their Church authority!! That was the time,

 when the Metamorphosis happened in the Christian Metal band scenario and definitely for the positive aspects!! WOOOW!!

Above all analytical discussions, we can surely get the idea of awesome Christian Metal bands who invented the new way of preaching Christianity in the long run! So, stay tuned for more infoz…… 😊

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