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That website is very much influenced and motivated by the father of Bass guitar and ther founder member of the band, aurthohin

Bassbaba Sumon/(Saidus Salehin Khaled, (Sumon):

. Born in Kapsia, Dhaka back in 7th January 1973, but he officially celebrates his Birthday on the next day of 8th January because of the death anniversary of the maternal grandfather on the same day he was born!!

Started his musical journey at the age of 12 with a Hawaii guitar was a gift from his mother!! His love and interest for the music, hard work worked jointly with that childhood guitar made him what he is now!!

Started to with the legendary band “Feelings” as a professional Bassist at the age of 17th inspired by another mind-blowing musician of that band “ Mahfuz Anam James” known as Nagar Baul!!

He gradually developed himself as a singer, lyricist, composer by producing his first ever solo project at the of only 20!!

Became famous as hell, because of his exclusive guitar solo, unique guitars playing techniques like his Idol Steve Harris, the Bassist and bandleader of his favorite band Iron Maiden what helped to be the Bassbaba or the Father of Bass guitar!!

By producing his horror projects like “Bhoutist” and his contribution on “Rocklink” and several self-made music videos, he made his footsteps in the field of director and producer as well.

As a Cancer survivor almost 25th times that also added values of his aggression and determination as a Heavy Metal Bassist!!

Now in 2018 his son Ahnaf recorded a cover song which indicated maybe there’s many more left to come in the Bangladeshi Heavy Metal Music industry!!

As a promoter of the underground Rock music scenario of Bangladesh Bassbaba Sumon is the brand ambassador of the MTD Bass Guitar and Roland gears were also the first ever player of the world-famous Warwick Bass guitar in Bangladesh!!

Metal Freaks is proud enough to have such talented and experienced people like Bassbaba Sumon as his inspiration and an author as well… 😊

Ahmed M. Aman:

He is the department head at Copywriter, AD Club Advertising. Earlier he worked at Madonna Advertising Ltd as an Associate Creative Director. His journey with Metal Freak started back in 2018.

That multi-talented writer is the writer of first musical books of Bangladesh names as: Rock Jarta, and Gaaner MIlon. and another book is about to publish on its way of the Boimela 2019!! WOW!!

these books are based on the revolutionary history of Bangladeshi Hard Rock and Heavy Metal industry! So, grab your one to read them all!!

He was also the Program Producer at two different radio stations: ABC Radio FM 89.20 & ColoursFM 101.6. His journey with music started from 

Ahmed M. Aman Wrote articles and reports for almost all the Music Magazines in the country; notably ‘Rock N’ Rhythm’, Shangeetangoan’, ‘SONIC Music Magazine’, ‘GuitarNeverLies’.

He was also Contributing writer (article/review) for Daily Independent – Weekend/Young Independent. He wrote his first novel ‘Rock Jaatra’ on the history of Bangladeshi Rock Music, the book was published in Ekushey Boimela 2017.  

Zabidul Islam Razib (website developer and designer):

This guy is techno-freak. When there is nothing to do, you will find him spending time with a new project. All the technical side of Metal Freaks is covered by him.

He is working as an English Language Teacher at Oxford International School. He completes his graduation from Stamford University in English Literature. Later on, He does MA from the University of Dhaka in English Language Teaching (ELT). 

Kunal Maudud Khan, (Professional Blogger, Researcher & Article writer):

Born in Libya but brought up in the soil of Bangladesh, that guy basically is a lover of Heavy Metal Music, Good Books, Dogs and definitely Cricket!

He completes his MA from SUB, with the record-breaking marks on presentations, and used to be the debate champion of his school, National Essay writing champion on World Literature center.

My works are the proof about who am i….

The Entrepreneur Researcher and blogger of that site at least can definitely be proud himself about his journey on Metal Freaks,

who still believe that website will rule over the world even after his death! Music is eternal, and Heavy Metal definitely does so…. 😊

Thank You.