Master of Puppets is back again to roll

The mighty drummer of Metallica spoke about their reissuing third album Master of Puppets!! That means now it’s time to get a flash back enjoyment for the Metallica lovers around the world!! Wooo hoooo!! 😀 😀

After the super hit album like Hardwired, that’s gonna add some extra metal core fun for their fans!! DAMN!! 😀 😀 Metallica has already started to work on that project and told us to keep our patience till the winter of the current year!!

Even James commented about their legendary album on Metallica night with the Baseball team like San Francisco Giants, Master of puppets goes through the current world political situations so they choose that project to energized their fans to fight against corruptions!! HOW COOL IS THAT?! 😀

This is not the end folks!! Wanna hear their story of humanities as well? Ray Burton, the father of ex- bassist of Metallica plans to donate his son’s royalties from Metallica which he got for being the part of this unique metal family!!

He chooses to donate it to a music scholarship program on his son’s old school!  Cliffs were not against the education, being a world class bass player, he knew the importance of educations which now a day so called Rockstars declines!! Lots of things to learn from that poor fellow huh?!

Cliff Burton, who passed away only 24 years of age on a fuckin bus accident and played his unique role as a mindblowing bassist for their first three albums!! ☹

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